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Lisa Breckenridge
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I grew up south of Kansas City in Pleasant Hill, MO.  Pleasant Hill is 4a school with a very unique mascot, the Roosters and Chicks.  Like King City, our school colors were purple and gold.  I played volleyball, basketball, and ran track in high school.  I went on and played intercollegiate basketball one year, volleyball 2 years and tennis my senior year in college.  As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. My freshman year in college I was planning on majoring in physical education.  I couldn't think of a better career than teaching sports and fitness all day.  The first day of the class, intro to physical education, I was surrounded by a room full of fellow college athletes. I become concerned that it would be hard to find a job in PE so I decided not to pursue that degree.  I thought that maybe I should major in math instead since it was my best subject, but I was always interested in certain areas of science as well. My junior year in college I finally decided to major in biology with a minor in chemistry.  Immediately after my bachelor's degree, I went on to NWMSU to pursue a master's degree in biology with an emphasis in in microbiology and molecular genetics.  While at Northwest, I met Micah who was also a biology major.  I worked as a microbiologist at Boehringer Ingelheim when we were first married.  I quit working at Boehringer right before our daughter was born and stayed home until all of our children were in school.  I worked in a hospital laboratory for a little over a year before I was hired as the high school science teacher at King City.  I currently teach biology, chemistry, dual credit biology, dual credit chemistry, and anatomy and physiology.  I also coach junior high basketball and assist varsity track. In addition to teaching at King City, I am an adjunct faculty member at MWSU and teach general biology labs in the spring and fall semesters.



Phone: 660-535-4319 Email: Lisa Breckenridge High School

Class Schedule:

2.  Biology


3.  Anatomy and Physiology


4.  Chemistry


5.  Dual Credit Chemistry

6.  Biology


7.  Dual Credit Biology


8.  Chemistry